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If triangle ABC has one angle measuring 90' and one angle measuring 45°, which of the following is true? Choose all that apply Select all that apply: O ABC is an acute triangle O ABC is a right triangle ABC is an obtuse triangle ABC is an isosceles triangle ABC is a scalene triangle FEEDBACK MORE INSTRUCTION SUBMIT Asked by | 6th Jul, 2012, 07:38: PM. Expert Answer: Answer : Given :O' is any point in the interior of triangle ABC. To find : which of the following is true and how? A) (OA+OB+OC)> (AB+BC+CA) B) (OA+OB+OC)> 1/2 (AB+BC+CA) C) (OA+OB+OC)< 1/2 (AB+BC+CA) D) None of these. piece 1. Triangle ABC is dilated by a scale factor of 1.5 to create triangle A'B'C'. Which of the following it not a true statement?

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it's 90 because 180-20-70 = 90 (180 degrees in all triangles. i would put another link up, it doesn't appear at first, it only appears when you go to answer it Answer : Given :O' is any point in the interior of triangle ABC. To find : which of the following is true and how? A) (OA+OB+OC)> (AB+BC+CA) B) (OA+OB+OC)> 1/2 (AB+BC+CA) C) (OA+OB+OC)< 1/2 (AB+BC+CA) D) None of these. The left inequality follows from three applications of the Triangle Inequality. we have. AB < OA + OB. Which of the following statements is true?

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B is. Follow  If a triangle ABC is classified as a right triangle, which statement is true?

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(a) 85° (b) 80° (c) 75° (d) 70° Answer/Explanation.

In the figure below, the following is true: angle ABD is congruent to angle CDB and angle DBC is congruent to angle BDA. How can you justify that triangle ABD   19 Jun 2018 Score 2: The student gave a complete and correct response. 26 Triangle ABC and point D(1,2) are graphed on the set of axes below.
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17%. D. (b - c) cos $ \frac{A}{2} = a sin \bigg( \frac{ B - C }{2} \Bigg) $. 67%.

(d) Equilateral. (b) Isosceles. 6. It is not possible to construct a triangle when the lengths of its sides are.
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For triangle abc which of the following is true britt inger fredriksson
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It is given that ∆ABC~∆DEF. If ∠A = 30^0 , ∠C = 50^0 , AB = 5cm, AC = 8cm and DF = 7.5cm, then which of the following is true? In each of the following, state if the statement is true (T) or false (F): A triangle has three sides.

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-  clear that the fourth of these, whatever it is, can be put in place and found according to problem 3, Ch. 5 of Book 1. As in triangle ABC, with the right-angle at A,  28 feb. 2021 — Classify the following triangles by i sides ii angles a b 2. Previous to referring to Similar Right Triangles Worksheet Answers, make sure you key fresh example 7 in abc from similar triangles worksheet with answers source.

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6. If $\overrightarrow{a}$ and $\overrightarrow{b_1}$ are two unit vectors such that $\overrightarrow{a}+2\overrightarrow{b}$ and $5\overrightarrow{a}-4\overrightarrow{b}$ b, are perpendicular to each other, then the angle between $\overrightarrow{a} and \overrightarrow{b}$ is A triangle ABC can be constructed in which ∠B = 60°, ∠C = 45° and AB + BC + CA = 12 cm. Write true or false and give reason for your answer. asked Oct 2, 2018 in Class IX Maths by aditya23 ( -2,138 points) 👍 Correct answer to the question Triangle FXY is rotated and then translated to a new location and named triangle ABC. Which of the following is true?